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It should be noted that Usechain can be applied in a variety of resources, where you want to bind a specific block of personal content to the individual.

There are four main products offered by the Usechain platform: Usechain comes as a solution to solve all the obstacles in the process of developing blockchain technology. Usechain aims to improve blockchain performance, by minimizing all technical barriers in the mass market, providing an efficient support process and identity-based transaction management. The Usechain ecosystem offers a decentralized and high-performance exchange, enabling value in any form to operate and flow efficiently. The infrastructure focuses on single identity mapping, thereby increasing the number of applications requiring identity. Another advantage of Usechain compared to current blockchain is low energy consumption and computational resources.

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  • Token symbol: UST
  • Token sale date: 05/06/2018- 06/16/2018
  • Accepted payment method: BTC and ETH
  • Total token supply: 20000000000
  • ICO: 9000000000

Also, it will also separate identity and identity verification based on zero proof knowledge.

The funds acquired from the token sale will used in divided portions in human labor cost, company operation, marketing, platform development, advisor consulting, risk fund and legal compliance. This is the advantage of blockchain technology. Usechain will allow for mining. With the improvement in the ecosystem, the behavioral data that is generated by events and people will be transparent and irreversible on the identity-based ecosystem. In the Usechain platform, is also introduced – shading technology.

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A new blockchain project Usechain is to become the first-ever Blockchain Ecosystem in achieving self-sovereign identity and for individuals and institutions.

In addition, the platform will allow for effective mining, realisation high-speed crypto-currency transactions. To help the global community grow its business, Usechain continues to incorporate top-quality resources into its ecosystem. Moreover, a function is declared in the platform, which will allow crypto currency to be mined using mobile devices. The main aim of creating the token is to give an opportunity for all participants to be involved in the building of the entire community. Also, Usechain is also supported by commercial and academic resources from top business schools.

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It applies Zero Proof, encryption mechanism, multi-level authentication, Identity Transaction Sharding (ITS), Identity Network Sharding (INS), Enhanced Smart Contract, Identity Virtual Machine (IVM), and so on.

Usechain has set a precondition where it uses the same level of security for maintaining privacybetween identity and anonymous public blockchain. Usechain platform is created on a high-performance, user-friendly basis. This is a platform that provides future technology infrastructure for the parallel and virtual world. Token ICO Detail For more information: Author: tinhkhuat Usechain may change this Privacy Policy in the sole discretion at any time. A unique identification system that will provide the opportunity to interact with the user only with his personal information, applications and resources.

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How does Usechain work?

The platform makes it possible to transform assets, organizations, and people into identity tokens. In this case, Usechain will properly provide the binding of the person (its data), for example, to a purse with crypto-currencies. The First Mirror Identity BlockchainFirst Mirror Identity Blockchain Crowd-sale starts Everyone around the world can join the Usechain ecosystem. Usechain offers infrastructure to support the development of Daaps in various services and industries.

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The CEO of Usechain, Cheung Kong said that “self-sovereign identity Blockchain, is aiming to solve the trust issue in this society.

Usechain will promote any commercial project development in its ecosystem along with application platforms in leading industry and trade. Usechain is dedicated to developing the first mirror identity blockchain ecosystem. Currently, Usechain is creating blockchain identities built on the new technical structure. The platform provides the infrastructure supported by MIP, as the underlying technical support exploration for the development of Dapps in various fields.