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Squeezer focusses on both the individual developer as well on the businesses working with blockchain & data storage.

With the Squeezer platform, developers can conduct the blockchain transactions without going through the genesis of the blockchain code or without creating any complex codes. Squeezer is an efficient project because it is focusing on blockchain technology which is currently booming in the market. Etherisc is a company registered in Germany that is issuing a token that will be known as DIP on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a pity Squeezer is going to make it possible to use its software service in exchange of both Squeezer tokens and fiat.

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  • Technical development : 45%
  • Non-technical staff : 30%
  • Marketing expenses : 10%
  • Infrastructure expenses : 8%
  • Other operating expenses : 7%

Target Market:   Software Developers, Blockchain add-on, Businesses

The Squeezer platform is designed to help developers so that they can easily develop an app without handling the entire complicated blockchain infrastructure. Squeezer platform will support usage of many code repositories. First, we are talking about major issues faced by developers while working with blockchain technology. Once the Squeezer framework is integrated with connectors, clients will easily be able to create blockchain applications through a simple, graphical user-interface.

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The squeezer team believes there is a solution to this problem: integrating the blockchain with microservices.

While working with a blockchain development project, developers need to download all the blocks on his machine’s local storage which will ultimately reduce the velocity of developers. Squeezer are building so called connectors which make the blockchain more friendly to developers and provide instant access to the blockchains data assets. Squeezer (SQZ) ICO people talk how their token supply will decrease (basic cryptocurrency feature present in all coins) and the token price will grow. With the support of expert ICO community management, Squeezer has launched is pre-sale and is raising funds for the project development.

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Public token sale June 8 – June 30, 2018 The blockchain is one of the most advanced technologies to become a core component of a company’s technology stack.

Second, there are the connectors that link the Squeezer framework to whatever blockchain a client wants to connect to. Currently, it is hard to design a blockchain application; therefore, Squeezer has come up with a solution of microservices technology for the blockchain. The Squeezer crowd sale and the corresponding token creation process will be issued by Golden Data INC, a Belize Company, and will be organized using smart contracts running on Ethereum. In this scenario, blockchain technology is adept at handling all the work without any issues, but the same thing cannot be done with other conventionally-designed data services.

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Squeezer is a platform that helps software developers to build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure .

With these features, the Squeezer team believes its product will become the dominant means of developing blockchain applications in the world. This platform will allow developers to compile and deploy blockchain applications in various stages from GitHub, among other code repositories. To create an advanced blockchain application, we require professional developers who have a good understanding of this technology. Squeezer’s principal competitors are other microservices frameworks and blockchain consultancies.

Buy Squeezer ICO Whitelist

This is much more of a hassle than what microservices can provide, so the Squeezer team believes it is uniquely situated to compete in this market.

The world’s first software development platform offering microservices for the blockchain. Squeezer ICO is a platform that helps software developers to build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure. Squeezer can help them by providing quick a back-end solution by using APIs and blockchain transaction support. Token – The Squeezer Token (SQZR) is the core utility used by developers to build and deploy apps on the Squeezer Platform. These things will determine whether the price of a Squeezer (SQZ) ICO token issued by the company goes up or down at the crypto-exchanges. Squeezer is one of the first platforms that helps in merging the power of microservices with the immutability of blockchain technology. The fact that the blockchain world will require a squeezer framework to make the transition with other systems easy as possible is still a huge target market. The Squeezer platform is especially designed for software developers to help them in developing blockchain-enabled apps in a convenient and easy way.