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Technology description Omega One is a fully automated trading execution service that allows keeping the liquidity of client assets through decentralized exchange.

Omega One aims to be a utility for the crypto markets by making trading cheaper, increasing overall liquidity and enabling further market evolution. After having followed cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency market for several years, Mack believes that a company like Omega One is poised to transform the whole burgeoning industry. The hardcap is expected to be really huge (over $100mln) and Omega One has already attracted most of it from institutional investors. There is significant information provided regarding the key team members of Omega One through their company website.

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  • Joseph Lubin (LinkedIn) - co-founder of Ethereum, the founder of ConsenSys;
  • Juan Llanos (LinkedIn) - risk management advisor.

Value for the token will be generated through membership access and the payment of fees for trading.

The token sale for Omega One has not yet been scheduled, and the whitelist is going to be announced later as well. OMEGA TOKEN USES. That said, the experience of the team and potential for growth from Omega One should be appealing to many investors. Omega One trades on your behalf across all the world’s trading platforms to ensure that you trade at the best price.

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The Omega One project is based on a well-known partner in the blockchain industry and an investor from the Banking sector.

Resume: The project has not yet been released on the ICO, and, according to representatives of Omega One on Slack, is actively preparing proposals for investors and relevant documentation. All token sale details also need to be made available in one place, and the team should explain clearly their reasoning behind the token allocation model they have chosen. Omega One is the newest cheap and safe way to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens. Name: Omega One Ticker symbol: OMT Project type: Omega One is a trading platform that provides a cheap and secure way to trade crypto assets.

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It will consist of several parts: Omega One aims to become a bridge between Wall Street capital and the cryptocurrency market.

Extended company description: A trading platform built on blockchain using an algorithm, TWAP - trading algorithm of weighted average price. The platform will offer a token, called the Omega One token, using the Ethereum ERC20 making it available for tokens on all blockchains. Token type: ERC20 Accepted payment: Ethereum According to Slack from Alan Keegan, Omega One is planning to sell a limited volume of tokens to strategic buyers (i.e. Rather than blockchain, however, Gordon-Brander said Omega One is focused on convincing the financial world that cryptocurrencies should be viewed as a new asset class.

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1 OMT price: N/A Accepted payment: Ethereum Bounty: N/A Token role: Functional.

The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to TokenMarket and TokenMarket has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). The Omega Token will launch later in 2017. The market is very competitive, but Omega One is oriented toward big players and toward creating a decentralized exchange. The Omega One has a trading protocol which is mediated through their crypto token –  the Omega Token.

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Omega One initially expected to launch their initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017.

You need to buy a token to become a member of the company’s platform. Omega One is also pitching itself to current cryptocurrency investors who want to limit transaction costs, Gordon-Brander said. Consequently, this will increase demand for the service, leading more people and institutions to join the platform and purchase more tokens, thereby increasing value and network effects. Bounty Resume: Bounty terms was not announced Tokens and capital distribution Resume: Token distribution was not announced The Roadmap is not represented. Omega One provides a blockchain platform for trading currencies and tokens on Ethereum. Omega One Despite massive growth, cryptocurrency markets remain illiquid, fragmented, and open to hacking.