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Token Distribution Team and Advisors 20% company A number of project risks have been identified during planning activities.

Added to this, the team will be seeking to redistribute profits towards an internally-managed crypto fund whose profits in turn will help to drive the buy-back program. Instead, anyone can buy “tokenized risk” by holding the Etherisc token and earn returns on the risk they are taking. The investment, according to Moonlight, a smart economy workforce platform dedicated to making talent recruitment easier, will reshape the smart economy industry. The company wants to establish its mining operation in Iceland due to a suitable climate of the country that helps in keeping the large mining infrastructure cool. This mining project will include high-tech and powerful computers to make mining process faster for different coins.

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These savings could potentially benefit both insurance buyers and token holders.

Secondly, the token buy-back program will likely result in a decrease in supply over time. Moonlite also aims to offer investors peace of mind about the legitimacy and security of its mining operations. MNL token holders will be able to trade their tokens on public exchanges, but Moonlite is also offering a unique token buyback program on the Ether Delta exchange. Investors will be able to buy into Moonlite via its MNL token, which is currently in pre-sale in the run-up to a late February ICO. Initially, Moonlite will focus on mining Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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The Lux token will use a similar, multi-token UTXO operating mechanic to Neo and Neon Exchange (NEX) to provide value to token holders.

Moonlite may also mine Ethereum depending on its profitability, although Ethereum specifics aren’t included in the company’s three-phase mining plan. Remittance: Let Moonlight handle your remittance needs to reduce the project overhead. The team is also more senior than many other blockchain projects, which in our view is better than having a team of only young people with no prior work experience. As stated in this document, only 30% of DIP tokens will be available to the public during the token sale. If the team can execute on what it has promised, Moonlite is yet another crypto that (sorry) could be headed for the moon.

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What makes the MoonLite Project more secure than the average ICO opportunity is the extra layers of security that it offers.

No marketing leads appear on the project team list. Down the line, though, token holders will be able to vote on financial, operations and human resources matters via the Security.Vote platform. The company boasts an experienced team and advisor board, heavy on cryptocurrency and management expertise but perhaps a little light on experience setting up international data centers. In its second phase, Moonlite will add DASH mining capabilities at 15,000 GH/s, and up its Bitcoin hash rate to 56,000 TH/s. Every six months, holders will be able to sell their tokens back to Moonlite for the token’s market price plus 35% of Moonlite’s annual corporate profit.

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Moonlite looks like it has a competent team, and the idea – giving everyday investors a way into mining cryptocurrency without destroying the planet – definitely seems worth pursuing.

The company plans to start operation in August of this year with a first data center in Iceland – the data center capital of the world. All token sale details also need to be made available in one place, and the team should explain clearly their reasoning behind the token allocation model they have chosen. The project using a token called as MNL and it is issued through Smart Contract and runs on Ethereum ecosystem. Moonlite will generate a total of 100 million MNL tokens, offering a maximum of 70 million to investors during the pre-sale and ICO. To counteract this, Moonlight.ico spends a lot of time locally optimizing resources at the project, team, organization, and corporate levels.

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The model in Iceland — green and clean energy, reliable supply and low cost — is precisely what MoonLite plans to adopt for all of its future data centers.

There several reasons that make this project stand out like leading advisors, qualified team, excellent data centers, trusted security system and much more. Amongst the advisors on the team, we have Simon Cocking who is also listed as an advisor on several other, concurrent token sales, including those of ClearPoll, Experty and Elpsis. Despite this, we do have some concerns regarding the team’s preparedness for the ICO (or “Token Generating Event” – TGE – as Etherisc calls it). The first layer of security is offered in how the company plans to use the proceeds from mining.