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CEO Mance Harmon described the new Hedera logo this week as the H-bar.

The hashgraph platform was apparently chosen because it was viewed as being the only one that could meet the stringent security requirements for personal data required by the healthcare sector. Hedera Hashgraph already has and will continue to disrupt outdated core systems such as stock exchanges, governments, military, utilities, and gaming. Image credit: Hedera Hashgraph Whitepaper Hashgraph claims to be lightning fast and limited only by network bandwidth, meaning nodes are competing in speed to decide which transaction gets processed first. It is interesting insofar that the open consensus allows anyone to participate in the network and develop apps using its technology without licenses. One of the biggest issues with the current state of blockchain development, according to Hedera, has been the absence of true decentralization in public distributed ledgers. Clients such as Xtremepush, VMS Software, CUledger, Intiva Health have thus far utilized Hedera Hashgraph, producing results that are beyond their respective industries.

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  • Cryptocurrency for micro-transactions
  • Distributed file-storage system
  • Solidity smart contracts backed by Ethereum Virtual Machine

Here Hedera Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph is a distributed platform built on the basis of hashgraph-consensus, which is more effective than ordinary blockchain algorithm.

Intiva recently said that it is building the next generation of its technology on top of the hashgraph distributed ledger technology. It also prevents a node from forking the original hashgraph, making changes and pushing it to the network as valid. They founded two other tech startups together before Swirlds Inc. and Hedera. Image credit: Hedera Hashgraph Website The team is led by Dr. Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon. Of course, the  network will have a bespoke utility token that grants holders access to distributed applications on the platform. Hype Hype for Hashgraph is through the roof.

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Second, it ensures that any software changes made by the Hedera governing body are specified in the network, automatically updated and guaranteed that they are legit.

June 2, 2018: Update New information is slowly leaking out that Hashgraph may have critical flaws and is highly centralized. Anyone with invalid software will not be able to modify the hashgraph. Whitepaper link What is Hedera Hashgraph? Since the hashgraph technology is patented, teams who want to create a permissioned ledger based on the tech are required to obtain a license. Hashgraph consensus algorithm, asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT), claims to be the gold standard of security compared to other options. In a press release on Tuesday, Hedera introduced an alternative: a simple, powerful platform with robust API support to make it easy for developers to build global distributed applications.

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Hedera is built on top of the permissioned hashgraph consensus platform that was used for enterprise applications.

Platform Token and Utility Hedera Hashgraph has its own native cryptocurrency, which is a utility token used as fuel for the ecosystem. Hashgraph promises us a high transaction speed, low costs and increased  security level. Hashgraph expects the token to act as a unit of value to motivate use and governance of the platform. Hedera Hashgraph’s consensus algorithm is based on the gossip protocol and virtual voting. Although the codebase is open-source, updates can only be made by Hedera through the consent of the Governing Council. Hedera is a platform that is being built using hashgraph technology.

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“We need a more trusted, secure and equitable online world,” said Leemon Baird, inventor of the hashgraph algorithm, in a statement.

CULedger will now also use the Hedera hashgraph public ledger to enable cross-border payments across the globe. Hedera Hashgraph platform also uses Proof of Stake (PoS) which is proxy staking instead of delegated PoS. Hashgraph looks like the next revolution and solving the blockchain ineffiency . Moreover, even though it claims to resolve the scalability issues, Hashgraph only demonstrates the solution to scale the number of transactions, which is only one part of the puzzle. In a demo tonight that was apparently live-streamed by over 80,000 viewers, Hashgraph showed off their new shiny technology that promises to revolutionize the tech that Bitcoin launched in 2008. Eventually, all members will share exactly the same events lower down the hashgraph.

Buy Hedera Hashgraph ICO Whitelist

Well, we finally got the news thanks to Jeff Kauflin at Forbes – in his great article about Hashgraph, minutes ago.

Lots of criticism of hashgraph since it’s closed source . This will make Mingo among of the early adaptors of Hedera Hashgraph technology, which aims to disrupt the entire blockchain industry. It also remains to be seen how the new Hedera Hashgraph will cooperate with governments to provide them “with the oversight necessary” and what that entails. The team is organizing a pre-sale for Hedera associated token through the SAFT framework, which is restricted to accredited investors (both U.S and international).