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Processes in Essentia are 100% transparent and users are given a full view of all components, operations, and processes regardless of their status.

Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your digital life. The ESS token will be used as the primary payment option within the whole ecosystem connected to the Essentia. The purpose of Essentia is to provide users with full privacy and security over their data by developing a bleeding-edge and user-friendly framework. The Essentia framework is made up of two elements: Essences and Synergies.

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  • Trading and managing payments and funds
  • Managing wallets
  • Managing and maintaining privacy
  • Managing authorizations, accounts, and logins

Essentia is the modular decentralized and blockchain-enabled framework providing users with the system aiming at operation and storage of their personal data, settings, preferences, wallets, etc.

Described as the “connective tissue” of the Essentia framework, Synergies are what enable Essences to interoperate. Want to integrate a cryptocurrency blockchain with the Essentia framework? Essentia gives users a framework which allows them to remain completely anonymous if they wish and also gives them the ability to keep data about their machine private. With Essentia we build and offer a complete modular framework at the user’s fingertips.

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The token adds convenience, as it can also be used to pay for access to the many dApss that will be linked to Essentia.

The ESS-ID is also the component used to access use their data across connected services through the Essentia Home (ESS-Home) and Essentia Operating System (ESS-OS) components. Each user on the Essentia network has a unique ESS-ID. Essentia is a decentralized, modular framework, which gives you an opportunity to protect and store your private data, perform transactions using the Essentia wallet through different stock exchanges, etc. That, in a nutshell, is the headline proposition of the Essentia proposition – a Single Seed which will streamline access to a broad range of services.

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The Essentia framework expands to fit your growing decentralized life.

Essentia will also provide a user-friendly interface for users to interact with and manage their preferences. is Essentia’s native token and it is designed to perform a range of functions within the Essentia ecosystem. The overall project can be described as one that seeks to create a set of simplified, unified tools for users to manage their online IDs, assets and personal data. Essentia hopes to solve this problem by building software that integrates both centralized and decentralized services, allowing users to control their personal data and prevent unwanted access.

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The Essentia project is predicated on the assumption that, in a not-so-distant future, a great many of us will have a crypto persona in addition to our existing online personas.

Many of these individuals will participate in the Essentia token sale, and well over 10,000 have already joined the whitelist. At the same time, the framework’s technologies makes it resistant to changes in the future which is further benefited by Essentia’s open-source model. The Essentia framework connects the dots and unites the platforms that make up the decentralized internet for the first time. Beyond that, the ESS token will serve a range of functions as Essentia evolves.

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The Essentia framework gives full and granular control to users and enables them to act anonymously, pseudo-anonymously or publicly.

The framework empowers the users with the full control and ownership over their data, IDs, information, privacy and assets. That’s why we built Essentia, a decentralized data management framework that creates a new way to interact with the web, preserving full data ownership and control. By design, the Essentia Framework is modular and highly customizable. We want to give users, corporations and their devices full ownership over their identity, data, possessions and personal communications. The Essentia team is made up of experts in blockchain, software engineering, and marketing. By using a secure framework like Essentia, users can be sure that they’re not being taken advantage of.