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The lack of intermediaries will benefit both sides as it means the user could buy the content for cheaper price, while the creators will get a greater revenue than before.

The ERC20 ETH tokens are used to raise initial funding for dStadia. DACC is the world first decentralized IAM (identity and access management) based content blockchain with unique blockchain infrastructure and full developer tools and templates to build any content related DAPP. Pass KYC verification We launch Referral Bounty to get more people participate in public sale so that DACC become more potential. DACC not only has China’s largest community support, but also has hundreds of thousands of overseas community supporters.

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  • Vincent Nguyen (Team Leader)
  • Harold Li ( Technical Leader)
  • Jim Ai ( Audio Tech Lead )
  • Jun Zhang ( AI Tech Lead )
  • Gina Hughes ( Media and PR Lead )
  • Cathy Cao (Media and PR Lead )

The private token sale will run through June 9 with an exchange rate of 1ETH for 250,000 DACC tokens.

The content will be stored in the big database powered by network contributors in the Proof of Storage Control concept. DocCoin is worldwide medical system designed on blockchain and smart contract technologies. The blockchain technology is the very first technology innovation in human history to revolutionize relations of production. the umbrella dStadia EOS token will be fungible, however sub tokens belonging to competitors and clans are non fungible and brand value is represented through calculated performance metrics.

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DACC wants to create a better alternative for content sharing platforms with the benefits of the blockchain technology and features and improvements it can offer.

We have seen regulatory bodies take measures against these issues, such as the EU’s recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to address personal data privacy. DACC (“DAC”) was rated as one of the most noteworthy blockchain projects in Q2 2018 by Influencive and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and more. On the user data arena, we have over 5.1 billion use mobile phones, over 4.0 billion use the internet, and over 3.1 billion use social media . Disney… June 3, 2018 – The DAC (Decentralized Accessible Content) project will officially begin its private token sale today and will rebrand as DACC (Decentralized Accessible Content Chain).

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The developers leveraged key learning from the Decentralized Storage Network concept created by FileCoin to accurately track storage and data sharing by the marketplace users.

In fact, the blockchain technology is so disruptive that it is widely recognized as web 3.0 – the internet of value. The Tokens will be used as the payment method within the platform, as well as to reward the file storage contributors. DACC has also amassed an impressive list of early investors and partners including TRON, Consensus Capital, D Fund, Crypto Capital, Block VC, Kim’s Capital and more. On the user data arena, we have over 5.1 billion use mobile phones, over 4.0 billion use the internet, and over 3.1 billion use social media3.

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The developers noticed the problem of users reuploading music to different platforms and lack of mechanisms which guarantee that the original creator will be awarded and paid.

With the current problems and criticism that various mainstream content platforms get, such alternative may have a chance at trying to disrupt this market. DACC’s foundation partner, Sky, is the co-founder of the 3 AM community and 499 Community. 13:59 10 Jun DACC has been evaluated by authorized ICO platforms. Allocation: 70%: Presale and public crowdsale contributors 19%: Team 11%: Early investors For more information about DocCoin, kindly visit: Smart City Enterprise digital marketing services will connect buyers with suppliers.

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DACC aims to create music content marketplace, where users could search and purchase every type of audio content in any format and size.

DACC is the world’s first content-based blockchain that features identity and access management (IAM) at the infrastructure level. DACC foundation will also set aside a special fund, aka, community development fund via DACC labs, to incubate developer community to create innovative Dapps on DACC platform. They have noticed that the mainstream platforms doesn’t provide fair revenue share towards the creators and the middleman and other services often take up significant part of this money. Dstadia are building on EOS due to the 0.5 second block times, free P2P transactions and secure smart contract technology.