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By giving a layer of trust for all seller and buyer interactions, COTI removes the friction from the entire payment experience.

Together, these features will allow COTI to outperform as a mainstream payment processing system. This is actually quite a remarkable feat, given that once it is fully operational, the COTI platform will be able to process upwards of 10,000 transactions per second. COTI network users can expect low-to-zero fees, full buyer-seller protections, a robust Trust Scoring Engine and decentralised Mediation System. When a user opens an account on the COTI network, a public and private key is generated from a random seed function, along with a Trust Score. 1 – This payment network has the XCT native currency which is used for payments, mediations, and fees.

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  • Shahaf bar Geffen,
  • Andy Chin, Software Engineering.
  • Erol Hallufgil, Research and Software Engineering.

Consumers using COTI will have a great user experience, mixing the best of traditional payments with the best of digital currencies.

COTI team is also committed to creating a fully compliant ecosystem in order to eliminate the greatest barrier to mainstream cryptocurrency consumption, regulation. The COTI team will receive 10% of the tokens issued while advisors will receive a further 5%. A new blockchain platform called Coti is intending to match Paypal, not just in terms of speed of payment, but also in terms of the offerings of their full platform. Social & Operations COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. COTI’s ecosystem of applications and services, currently under development, will include consumer wallets, merchant processing tools and a digital currency exchange facility.

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Crowdsale closes on August 13, 2018 COTI is a cryptocurrency payment network that the COTI team hopes will solve problems inherent in current networks.

Images courtesy of COTI COTI is building a base protocol that is built for payments from the ground up. COTI is a payment transaction network that systematically solves the payment challenges faced by the users while using Bitcoin and PayPal. Projecting a few years into the future, COTI believes that digital currencies will play a more prominent role in our lives as it will replace coins, cash, cards, and cheques. The three main elements of this payment network consist of the trust scoring engine, mediation system, and currency exchange system. The advising team surrounding COTI is full with investment analysts, hedge fund managers, and private equity partners from companies such as BlackRock, Arcana Capital, and Skybridge Investment.

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Our team includes veterans of the payments industry and Blockchain experts.

This payment network sets the standard for how digital payments should work in the digital currency era. ‍ While digital currencies like Bitcoin promise lower transaction fees and higher approval rates, they face scaling challenges and low rates of adoption. Initially these hedging services will be limited to only a 30-day period, and will cover payments made with COTI’s native currency (XCT). By creating a digital currency built for payments it will be easier to transact more easily, more cost effectively and with greater security than ever before. COTI’s payment system is built to solve the payment challenges of today and provides users with a greater peace of mind.

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COTI solutions incorporate the best of traditional payments systems and the best of blockchain technologies, and will offer the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most trusted way to pay.

The COTI tokens (COTI) will cost US$0.10 each, to be paid in ETH, BTC, or fiat equivalent. COTI hopes to bring change by acting as the digital currency of the internet, or first to receive widespread adoption in consumer transactions. COTI plans to help create this change by becoming the first digital currency to allow international consumer transactions. COTI’s token sale information is still being held by its users. COTI has certainly put in place many functions to appeal to users all while providing a safe and low stress experience.

Buy COTI ICO Whitelist

In other words, the liquidity that the Bancor smart contract provides will boost the efficiency and speed of the COTI network.

COTI innovated using DAG for payments, built a generative Trust Chains algorithm that is used to achieve consensus and has introduced the Mediators, to decentralize payments dispute resolution. It provides the fastest, most trusted, and most cost-effective way to pay for sellers as well as buyers by utilizing the best of blockchain technology and traditional payment systems. Operational expenses: 7% of the total funds collected will be used to cover various operational expenses that will be incurred by COTI. At the same time, other DAG payment systems do not offer dispute resolution, so COTI believes it will effectively be able to compete with them as well. As expected the COTI team possesses many individuals from the software engineering space in order to contribute t the production of the protocol and Trust Scoring Engine.