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Most services on the platform will also be stimulated using the Akropolis token system.

We would like to note that Akropolis has a strong project team. Blocking is an excellent platform, especially where transparency and clear data records are needed, as in pension funds. Developers — Developers are community members who contribute to the Akropolis platform, building extended/advanced services for pension users. Because of all these issues, Akropolis has seen a way to solve this problem using the blockchain technology.

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  • dApp Fund Manager, BITNATION
  • CEO, Estatechain
  • Cass Business School

However, the existing lack of transparency on the traditional pensions market, significant market growth rates and technological progress, contribute to the possible demand in blockchain pension solutions.

There are two types of tokens within the Akropolis platform. • The AKropolis external Token (AKT) is a fixed-supply token whose value is subject to market forces. These institutional funds will act similarly to individual users on the Akropolis platform. The Akropolis CEO stated in its official Telegram group that there are more team members still to be included in the development closer to the ICO.

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For pension funds, Akropolis makes it very easy to onboard clients, as their documentation and KYC information stays in one place.

Akropolis will handle regulatory compliance and make the pension management process simple for the end user, making pension savings transparent as everything will be recorded on the blockchain. After this, Ros managed institutional investment portfolios for 15 years, including pension funds, insurance funds and mutual funds, as well as advising central banks and private client fund managers. In addition to ensuring platform users that all FMs engaged with the platform are regulatory compliant, Akropolis also provides a ranking system for FMs on the system. Akropolis is a global technology platform that allows users to connect with a variety of pension funds and experienced fund managers with a transparent fee structure while being portable.

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Also, the Akropolis CEO stated in the official Telegram group that there are more team members to be included in the project closer to the ICO.

Performance Fees — Performance fees are key in the Akropolis model to ensure that FMs are motivated to provide the best possible investment services to the Akropolis community. By being ahead of the trend, Akropolis takes a leading view on the tech pension funds and asset managers necessarily must provide for their clients in the coming decades. Telegram: (4,900+ members) Investment Rating Expire date: 15.07.2018 Based on the issues identified during the analysis of the Akropolis project, we assign the project a “Stable+” rating. Ranking and Reputation: Any user who is managing funds/assets on the Akropolis platform must be extensively reviewed to comply with both internal platform standards and all relevant laws and regulations.

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The users of Akropolis, non-institutional investors, will be able to use the platform’s basic services for free as a way to easily onboard clients.

The platform will have two types of tokens associated with it – the Akropolis External Token (AKT) and the Akropolis Internal Token (AIT). However, the team specifies that the platform will operate on a freemium model by default, meaning that individual users are able to use the system without AKT tokens. The Akropolis project is creating decentralised pensions on the blockchain, with the goal of creating a safer financial future for the humanity. In addition to that, several team members do not state Akropolis as their current employer which creates the risk of part-time involvement.

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Individual users, pension funds, pension fund managers, asset developers and tokens will be part of the platform.

True to its name, Akropolis’ mission is to address the individual users’ needs – which are not addressed in the current pensions system with its misaligned incentives. • There are two main tokens within the Akropolis platform. The whitepaper states the following examples of premium services: There are four primary areas where fees will be charged within the Akropolis platform. The Akropolis team has an ambitious and complex idea which does not currently exist on the market. Token ownership entitles users to the underlying assets but also gives them access to services, features and products offered by funds. Akropolis’ platform is novel as they propose a dual currency solution, the external token AKT and internal stable coin AIT. Akropolis with its current team, and ambitious roadmap could become a solution for this huge problem, which is definitely a good sign for a long-term holding. Akropolis is designed to meet all the needs for pension provision of all involved parties from individual users to managers of pension funds.